The Public Accelerator Incubator – Don’t Get Left Behind Again.

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This is America Jack!

You Deserve a Piece of the PAI

My name is Ajene Watson, and my friends and I are the developers of the PAI platform, also known as the Public Accelerator Incubator. The purpose of this vehicle is to promote equitable opportunities amongst investors of all classes – rich, poor, and in between. Everyone should have the ability to make money, at the same time, from the same exact investment opportunity. Is this a tall Order? Heck yes, it is.

This is why platforms we are exploring like Crowd Funding and Crypto Currencies, if used properly, are so important.  However, these are just tools that are complicated to understand. Even if you learn how to proficiently use them, as with good ole’ cash, what good are they if viable opportunities to put them to use are limited?

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Entrepreneurial Consistency and Skill Built with AJENE WATSON LLC
Entrepreneurial Consistency and Skill Built with AJENE WATSON LLC

Consistency is an important trait for an entrepreneur to have. It’s not mentioned much in mainstream media, because the ability to perform consistently is not only boring, but it’s hard to translate into books and film. However, it is something you need, and it’s something that is all encompassing as you grow.

The best way to develop consistency is by working certain things into your routine. Some of these involve your schedule.  Others involve how you respond to varying situations and scenarios. Here are a few items you should strongly consider weaving into your life. Continue reading