How the Speed of Implementation Affects Business Success

Dream... Prepare... Act! Move from Thought to Action Quickly!
Dream… Prepare… Act! Move from Thought to Action Quickly!

Next time you stop into your neighborhood bookstore, you’ll likely find an entire section dedicated to helping one’s business succeed. Usually practical tips, which focus on the whole gamut of what makes up a modern-day company: the entrepreneur, customers, marketing, employees, and of course, the business model.

Choosing the right self-help advice is usually done on a personal basis. There is no “one size fits all” scheme that works for everyone; especially since different people are on different paths to varying levels of success. What applies to one… may not be as important to another.

Based on the general premise of success, making the right decisions for your business is normally a top priority. However, in the grand scheme of things, even making wrong decisions, is infinitely far more superior to making no decisions.

Trust when we tell you, there is indeed a problem plaguing many fresh startups and it is not the lack of advice on how to be successful. Look around you. That crap is everywhere.

No… it’s the lack of advice regarding the speed in which many of those very same “success tips,” actually need to be implemented.

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CEO Gets Punched In the Face by a Penny Stock Investor

CEO Gets Punched In the Face by a Penny Stock Investor
CEO Gets Punched In the Face by a Penny Stock Investor

Day in and day out, CEO’s of early development stage private companies get sold the dream of grandiose opportunity within in the penny stock market. Unfortunately, the majority of the time however, they find themselves being victimized by an immoral and unsavory enemy. The worse part…, this foe, the challenger of their success, is actually none other than one of the primary groups, entrusted to bring them to the promise land.

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