AJENE WATSON, LLC Sees Opportunity in Social Media TV Tech – Entertainment Again Beckons

New York, NY, May 11 (Market Wire)  —  AJENE WATSON, LLC (AWLLC), announced today that the company has initiated a new business venture into the entertainment, media and social media technology space – sighting two companies as the catalyst for its newfound interest.

One of these companies is an entertainment entity – record company – carrying a globally recognized trademark extremely relevant to the urban music culture.  This could be an especially appealing project for AWLLC should it come to fruition as the prospect trades on a public exchange.  The other exciting possibility is a private enterprise; a global social television network.

Ajene Watson, Executive Manager of AJENE WATSON, LLC stated, “While our team has done extremely well with social media technologies, the entertainment industry as a whole, has been an area that I personally tend to shy away from.   However, recent opportunities in both of these markets have unveiled themselves as being extraordinarily attractive and synergistic.”

Watson continued, “I believe there is a business model particularly suited for the music industry that has yet to be explored.  In leveraging a major international brand, we can quite possibly employ a new standard of operations which would require relativity little cash output and still yet, generate ongoing revenues for years to come without continued effort.  As it concerns the global social t.v. network, it is expected that this project will present a disruptive technology which may potentially be the very first online platform to seamlessly combine the function of the cable network platform (i.e. Time Warner) with social media communications (i.e. Facebook/Twitter/Google Plus, etc.) over the internet by way of a patented non URL based technology.”

Watson concluded, “In both cases, these are two projects that we have been surveying in great detail for some time.  We do expect to make the necessary decisions regarding the pursuit of formal engagements within the very near future.”

People close to the company expect there to be a significant synergy between the two projects, possibly propelling AJENE WATSON, LLC’s business development and private lending services to the forefront of media, entertainment and technology for years to come.



AJENE WATSON, LLC (AWLLC), is a multi-faceted financial services consulting firm specializing in Business Development / Management Consulting and IR/PR Management.  AWLLC also finances clients through its Private Lending and Equity Funding division.

Business Development / Management Consulting and IR/PR Management services are offered to both private and public companies. Likewise, equity investment and lending programs are also offered to both private and public entities. AJENE WATSON, LLC’s core competency is in the delivery of specialty consulting services, adjoined with a venture capital/equity investment approach, geared toward nano-cap and mico-cap companies.

AJENE WATSON, LLC is also the developer of the “TrueLoan” – a securities lending program, fully compliant, designed to provide liquidity to corporations and executive officers holding restricted securities.




(415) AWLLC-12


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