“I Firmly Believe that Any Man’s Finest hour, the Greatest Fulfillment of All that He Holds Dear, Is the Moment When He Has Worked His Heart Out In A Good Cause and Lies Exhausted On the Field of Battle – Victorious”  –Vince Lombardi

Waking up this morning, a thought of the Great Lombardi came to mind.  In that very instance I knew well what would be required of me.

Often, we claim to work so very hard and do so much.  Nevertheless, we find the time to complain about something.  Whereby that ‘something,’ in some way or another, has quailed our progress; impeding success.   Yet, to have even the slightest bit of energy to cast blame, means that you did not work hard enough.   You did not play to win but rather simply played not to loose.  A person who endeavors to be great, ventures to leave it all on the field; willing to “die enormous than live dormant.”

Each day we wake, it is important to give more of ourselves, do more to make our contribution to society… give more to the world.   Indeed, this may cause exhaustion and even the spilling of ones own blood.   But what comes of an extraordinary life if we are fearful of death or demise?

The intent here is not to speak to haste or recklessness.  Rather to courage, valor, discipline and fearlessness.

I for one, from this day forward will conduct myself in a manner where I strive for the greatness of an extraordinary life.   Be it as such greatness may come by way of a glorious death, or, a resplendent victory. -Ajene Watson


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