IR/PR Management

Dr. Dian Griesel once stated, “The key to unlocking your public company’s potential lies largely with your reputation, which is a product of your approach, policies, and practices, i.e. your credibility.”

While no one person or entity of any substance or great merit can blaze a trail and emerge unscathed, it is the conviction to remain loyal to honorable intent that is the foundation in building an impenetrable reputation.   Developing this foundation is essential to building a shareholder base that is long term and committed to the belief and future of a company.

AJENE WATSON, LLC is in no way a full service IR/PR firm.  We do not handle the traditional “Dog & Pony,” nor do we bombard millions of unsuspecting investors with email campaigns touting greatness of a company which we know little to nothing of.

We are the firm that prepares a client-company to meet, greet and become one with their shareholders.

Our team is highly proficient at organizing a company’s IR/PR efforts.    From the time we conduct a full corporate evaluation, to developing the corporate message and identity, organizing and managing strategic IR/PR plans and hiring the appropriate IR/PR service providers to implement the company’s directive, we aspire to legitimize every aspect of a client-company’s operation.   We seek to provide a means ensuring that a company has the ability to communicate both honestly and effectively with their shareholders regardless of the quality, competence or capability of their selected IR/PR firms.

Corporate credibility, management integrity and market transparency are indeed critical factors in establishing a company’s success and longevity within all markets.   This true of the World’s top 50 firms – to the public market’s most desperate flagellating Pink Sheet companies.  We will always seek to assist both private companies and emerging nano-cap/micro-cap companies, to always meet and raise the bar on their corporate credibility; garnering shareholder retention.


Full IR/PR Management Services List (provided here)


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