An Urge To Greater Effort — So Says The Devil

“People who are definite in both their plans and their purposes, never accept temporary defeat as being more than an urge to greater effort.” — The Devil (aka Your Majesty) in, Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill. Your Majesty continues, “You can see for yourself, that this sort of policy is bound to win if it is followed with definiteness.”

How true is this ‘Definite Purpose’ when it comes to working with companies trading on the Pink Sheet and OTC Markets (usually identified as nano-cap and microcap companies)? We believe it to be quite accurate.

You see… we’ve had our share of failures, just as we’ve had our share of successes. However, our greatest lessons did not come from when we succeeded, but when we failed. Failure is the driving force behind our steadfastness in fighting what continuously seems to be an uphill battle; formulating a solution that will contribute to the development and sustainability of a legitimate marketplace, despite of itself.

The ultimate goal is not so much to solely make money, which in and of itself can lead to all sorts of dubious acts from even the most honest of men; particularly in such an unorthodox marketplace. Rather, the goal is to build opportunities contributing to the inherent belief that wealth can be attained by the average Joe (investor/shareholder) and entrepreneurs can in fact prosper and flourish from such a cruel and unusual bazaar. Continue reading