Pi Day

Happy Ultimate Pi Day & & Welcome the Birth of PAI!

Today may prove to become one of the most important birthdays beckoning to be perpetually acknowledged for eternity – well, at least perhaps for AJENE WATSON LLC.


Unless you’re sleeping under a rock, yesterday, Saturday, March 14, 2015, was National Pi Day and number enthusiasts from around the world, excitedly ushered in the most important Pi Day for the majority of Pi Day observers; this century’s Ultimate Pi Day. ‘Ultimate’, as it’s referred, because this particular birthday only occurs every 100 years when the date, month and year all align with Pi’s numerical value – 3.1415. Officially celebrated at 9:26 A.M., and 53 seconds to be exact – representing 3.141592653, is when the confetti came raining down and fireworks went bursting off into the morning skies. Some even went in for a second celebration at 9:26:53 P.M., while others declare this entire month of March, Pi Month.

Yup! But besides this also being a relatively important date for Albert Einstein (born March 14, 1879), many around the world have turned this particular Pi Day into a celestial beginning; aiming to bear children or more controllably, getting married. For AJENE WATSON, LLC, which makes no claim of being super nerdy mathematicians or die-hard Pi fanatics, Pi day… Ultimate Pi Day that is, will play a significant role in the future of the Company.

Ajene Watson (founding member of AJENE WATSON, LLC (“AWLLC”)) was once told by a major micro-cap markets financier, “you do this business long enough, you will get to see everything at least once.” Over the many years of navigating the penny-stock bazaar, this statement has resounded loudly and held true.   However, so far, there is still one thing not seen as of yet, at least not in his years; a truly equitable platform that will allow a developing stage nano-cap/micro-cap company, to grow and flourish within a healthy market environment. This is particularly true where it regards the appropriate financing of penny stock companies.

As a development firm, AWLLC assists early development stage companies with the development and execution of their business model. In almost every case, this includes arranging for capital injections into the company. Unfortunately, for reasons we will leave for another discussion… a rather involved and lengthy one, identifying capital resources that will not undermine the company’s growth efforts becomes almost seemingly impossible.

Drilling down even further, the issue isn’t as much the funding sources, as it is the financing vehicles which are being used to deliver capital to penny stock companies. Exacerbating the situation is the passive-aggressive manner in which the regulations effecting the micro-cap markets are set up. At the same time, you have an environment that engenders all kinds of travesties. This all together making the market inherently highly toxic and simply not conducive to responsibly raising capital as an early development stage penny-stock company.

Always seeking ways to make a positive contribution, AWLLC and its consortium, delved deep into the creation of plausible funding vehicles that would elicit fairer funding practices; equitable to all parties: investors, the company and most importantly, the shareholder – who as a whole, carry the greatest risk and are the most disadvantaged.

It goes without saying, that without regulatory assistance – operating within the given [chaotic] environment – creating such a vehicle is no easy task. However, oddly enough, borrowing from a few principles of Pi, a possible solution may have been discovered. A solution that would afford early development stage companies, sincerely looking to build its business, a favorable financing vehicle that equally protects shareholders, without diminishing investor returns.

This vehicle, officially named on March 14, 2015, has been dubbed “PAI” (pronounced ‘pie’, which is the phonetic pronunciation of Pi).

AJENE WATSON, LLC and its consortium look forward to introducing PAI to the micro-cap markets, as just one of the possibilities in working toward creating a more equitable environment to grow early development stage companies (public or private) affixed to the possibility of leveraging the micro-cap markets as it was once intended.


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