New Rules Facilitating Greater Access to Capital

New Rules  Access Capital“It is about time!” may be the first reaction.

You know… the idea that the SEC’s adoption of new rules facilitating greater access to capital may actually be a win for the little guys. But after letting it settle in the more sober mind a little bit, you remember that the devil is in the details. It seems that the past few times the SEC made adoptions meant to provide positive capital resource outlets for the micro-cap / nano-cap markets, or at least believed to, Continue reading



Pi Day

Happy Ultimate Pi Day & & Welcome the Birth of PAI!

Today may prove to become one of the most important birthdays beckoning to be perpetually acknowledged for eternity – well, at least perhaps for AJENE WATSON LLC.


Unless you’re sleeping under a rock, yesterday, Saturday, March 14, 2015, was National Pi Day and number enthusiasts from around the world, excitedly ushered in the most important Pi Day for the majority of Pi Day observers; this century’s Ultimate Pi Day. ‘Ultimate’, as it’s referred, because this particular birthday only occurs every 100 years when the date, month and year all align with Pi’s numerical value – 3.1415. Officially celebrated at 9:26 A.M., and 53 seconds to be exact – representing 3.141592653, is when the confetti came raining down and fireworks went bursting off into the morning skies. Some even went in for a second celebration at 9:26:53 P.M., while others declare this entire month of March, Pi Month.

Yup! But besides this also being a relatively important date for Albert Einstein (born March 14, 1879), many around the world have turned this particular Pi Day into a celestial beginning; aiming to bear children or more controllably, getting married. For AJENE WATSON, LLC, which makes no claim of being super nerdy mathematicians or die-hard Pi fanatics, Pi day… Ultimate Pi Day that is, will play a significant role in the future of the Company. Continue reading