Even for Those In Pink – Prosperity Can Flourish

Quite possibly, the most diabolical emotional enemy to plague the microcap markets is Fear and Greed.

Fear: to be afraid of or apprehensive, expecting with alarm 

Greed: a selfish and excessive desire for more of something than is needed

During a young 14 year tenure within the FSI (Financial Services Industry), I’ve seen a great deal of fear and greed manifest itself in an array of forms and personifications.  Admittedly, I myself have been found to embody such passions from time to time.  Therefore, one can only presume that you too have experienced and witnessed the presence of these feelings; driving physiological and social behavioral reactions to detrimental and ultimately defeatist ends.

Fear on one hand will lead to indecision.  This indecision often times causes paralysis, leaving you to watch your house crumble down around you.   What’s peculiar is, on the other hand, this very same fear can inadvertently turn you to greed – fearing never having enough.

Greed itself is usually spawned from selfishness.  This selfishness would seem to evoke a type of lawless sociopath, who too – like with fear, at some point is made to watch their house come crumbling down around them.  Ironically, thrusting the greedy into certain fear and panic.

While all the World’s financial markets can tend to be a cruel and unusual global bazaar, theU.S.nano-cap and micro-cap markets really conjure conflicted feelings of intense distrust and animated ambition; fear and greed hard at work.  The question then logically becomes, “how does one find Terra Firma… having a healthy sense of fear and greed without tittering to either side?”  Our thought is, with Discipline, Planning & Perseverance.

John Schifske, chairman & CEO of Northwestern Mutual was noted as saying [on discipline, planning and perseverance], “you need a holistic financial plan, which offers both a strong offense for up times and a strong defense for down times.   That plan isn’t intended for the short term.”

This is exactly the case when dealing with the nano/micro-cap markets.

At every front… there must be the intent to build and profit within the microcap markets on a long-term basis.   Be it the investor, the actual public company, business service providers, investor relation firms or even our favorite three (3) letter organizations themselves, a formable long term plan must be put into place.   Such a long-term plan must be supported by the discipline to make small, intentional and consistent actions on a daily basis; spearheaded by a temper of perseverance.

These penny stock markets are not the place to play cowboys and Indians.   This is serious business.   And each time you [investor] jump into a stock simply because some moronic IR group drops you an email touting that some non-reporting pink sheet company is going to the sky… “Shame On You” for investing.   You deserve to loose at that point.   And have no right to complain.

Investors… please take time to research the company and its industry.   Plan your investment.   Discipline yourself to invest methodically and enact a sense of perseverance to ride out the volatility during growth.

Companies must do the same in an effort to properly build shareholder belief and value.

IR firms, should simply be banned from running short-term IR programs.

As a business development/management consulting firm and private lender, we can tell you first hand that both our failures and successes have been pegged against the level of discipline, planning and perseverance AJENE WATSON, LLC displayed.   AJENE WATSON, LLC has invested tens of thousands of dollars too several millions of dollars into private businesses and penny stock companies over the past four years; winning big in some cases… loosing royally in others.   Unfortunately, while there is no question that there are areas of needed improvement within our own organization, if we [as most of you would like] are two win big each and every time we engage with a new client, there must be a consorted effort between the public company, institutional type investors, shareholders, service providers and IR firms to do the right thing.

We believe, should the principles of discipline, planning and perseverance become an underlying methodology – on all fronts – of the penny stock markets, Small Business may be less likely to come under siege and true prosperity would flourish throughout.

Discipline   –   Plan   –   Persevere

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