Even for Those In Pink – Prosperity Can Flourish

Quite possibly, the most diabolical emotional enemy to plague the microcap markets is Fear and Greed.

Fear: to be afraid of or apprehensive, expecting with alarm 

Greed: a selfish and excessive desire for more of something than is needed

During a young 14 year tenure within the FSI (Financial Services Industry), I’ve seen a great deal of fear and greed manifest itself in an array of forms and personifications.  Admittedly, I myself have been found to embody such passions from time to time.  Therefore, one can only presume that you too have experienced and witnessed the presence of these feelings; driving physiological and social behavioral reactions to detrimental and ultimately defeatist ends. Continue reading


Questions Evoke Change

When discussing our business model, it is initially common for our audience to be slightly taken aback when describing that a major part of the service we provide is, “Asking Questions.”  And yes… we are compensated handsomely for this.

Why and how do we justify it?

Organizations that seek our help are normally well fixed in some sort of conundrum – minor or major proportions – whereby they simply cannot seem to get out of their own way.   This appears to be true of guys with bright ideas, start-ups, emerging companies or even those entities which have been Continue reading