The Public Accelerator Incubator – Don’t Get Left Behind Again.

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This is America Jack!

You Deserve a Piece of the PAI

My name is Ajene Watson, and my friends and I are the developers of the PAI platform, also known as the Public Accelerator Incubator. The purpose of this vehicle is to promote equitable opportunities amongst investors of all classes – rich, poor, and in between. Everyone should have the ability to make money, at the same time, from the same exact investment opportunity. Is this a tall Order? Heck yes, it is.

This is why platforms we are exploring like Crowd Funding and Crypto Currencies, if used properly, are so important.  However, these are just tools that are complicated to understand. Even if you learn how to proficiently use them, as with good ole’ cash, what good are they if viable opportunities to put them to use are limited?

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Cast Your Pebbles With Me

Pebbles 4-27-17

I’ve told very few people this, but I was once involved in a police brutality situation. With all that’s gone on in the world today, my confrontation pales significantly in comparison.  But there is a lesson that I learned from it.  A lesson that is beginning to awaken a vigor in my being for not just my personal life, but also my business and what history I mean to leave this world with.

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An Urge To Greater Effort — So Says The Devil

“People who are definite in both their plans and their purposes, never accept temporary defeat as being more than an urge to greater effort.” — The Devil (aka Your Majesty) in, Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill. Your Majesty continues, “You can see for yourself, that this sort of policy is bound to win if it is followed with definiteness.”

How true is this ‘Definite Purpose’ when it comes to working with companies trading on the Pink Sheet and OTC Markets (usually identified as nano-cap and microcap companies)? We believe it to be quite accurate.

You see… we’ve had our share of failures, just as we’ve had our share of successes. However, our greatest lessons did not come from when we succeeded, but when we failed. Failure is the driving force behind our steadfastness in fighting what continuously seems to be an uphill battle; formulating a solution that will contribute to the development and sustainability of a legitimate marketplace, despite of itself.

The ultimate goal is not so much to solely make money, which in and of itself can lead to all sorts of dubious acts from even the most honest of men; particularly in such an unorthodox marketplace. Rather, the goal is to build opportunities contributing to the inherent belief that wealth can be attained by the average Joe (investor/shareholder) and entrepreneurs can in fact prosper and flourish from such a cruel and unusual bazaar. Continue reading


How the Speed of Implementation Affects Business Success

Dream... Prepare... Act! Move from Thought to Action Quickly!
Dream… Prepare… Act! Move from Thought to Action Quickly!

Next time you stop into your neighborhood bookstore, you’ll likely find an entire section dedicated to helping one’s business succeed. Usually practical tips, which focus on the whole gamut of what makes up a modern-day company: the entrepreneur, customers, marketing, employees, and of course, the business model.

Choosing the right self-help advice is usually done on a personal basis. There is no “one size fits all” scheme that works for everyone; especially since different people are on different paths to varying levels of success. What applies to one… may not be as important to another.

Based on the general premise of success, making the right decisions for your business is normally a top priority. However, in the grand scheme of things, even making wrong decisions, is infinitely far more superior to making no decisions.

Trust when we tell you, there is indeed a problem plaguing many fresh startups and it is not the lack of advice on how to be successful. Look around you. That crap is everywhere.

No… it’s the lack of advice regarding the speed in which many of those very same “success tips,” actually need to be implemented.

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Entrepreneurial Consistency and Skill Built with AJENE WATSON LLC
Entrepreneurial Consistency and Skill Built with AJENE WATSON LLC

Consistency is an important trait for an entrepreneur to have. It’s not mentioned much in mainstream media, because the ability to perform consistently is not only boring, but it’s hard to translate into books and film. However, it is something you need, and it’s something that is all encompassing as you grow.

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Blockchain Leads the Charge In the Crypto Revolution

Blockchain Leads Charge in Crypto Revolution
Blockchain Leads Charge in Crypto Revolution

Do you remember a world before the internet?

Ponder this for a moment as you consider just how fast the Internet transformed global communications.

Today, the “World Wide Web” is no longer a phrase of mystery and intrigue. Its existence is as vital as the air we breathe, the food we eat… the water we drink. It is scary to think of how the internet, in many ways, is just as ubiquitous as that omnipresent energy that surrounds us, binds us, giving us the inclination to continuously seek it… trust in it or question it.

Sounding a bit pious?

Well damn that! Because just when you thought we had one pervasive technology understood, here comes another.   A technology that like the Internet, may become just as prevalent in our daily lives.

The Blockchain – credited to Satoshi Nakamoto.

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CEO Gets Punched In the Face by a Penny Stock Investor

CEO Gets Punched In the Face by a Penny Stock Investor
CEO Gets Punched In the Face by a Penny Stock Investor

Day in and day out, CEO’s of early development stage private companies get sold the dream of grandiose opportunity within in the penny stock market. Unfortunately, the majority of the time however, they find themselves being victimized by an immoral and unsavory enemy. The worse part…, this foe, the challenger of their success, is actually none other than one of the primary groups, entrusted to bring them to the promise land.

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New Rules Facilitating Greater Access to Capital

New Rules  Access Capital“It is about time!” may be the first reaction.

You know… the idea that the SEC’s adoption of new rules facilitating greater access to capital may actually be a win for the little guys. But after letting it settle in the more sober mind a little bit, you remember that the devil is in the details. It seems that the past few times the SEC made adoptions meant to provide positive capital resource outlets for the micro-cap / nano-cap markets, or at least believed to, Continue reading


Pi Day

Happy Ultimate Pi Day & & Welcome the Birth of PAI!

Today may prove to become one of the most important birthdays beckoning to be perpetually acknowledged for eternity – well, at least perhaps for AJENE WATSON LLC.


Unless you’re sleeping under a rock, yesterday, Saturday, March 14, 2015, was National Pi Day and number enthusiasts from around the world, excitedly ushered in the most important Pi Day for the majority of Pi Day observers; this century’s Ultimate Pi Day. ‘Ultimate’, as it’s referred, because this particular birthday only occurs every 100 years when the date, month and year all align with Pi’s numerical value – 3.1415. Officially celebrated at 9:26 A.M., and 53 seconds to be exact – representing 3.141592653, is when the confetti came raining down and fireworks went bursting off into the morning skies. Some even went in for a second celebration at 9:26:53 P.M., while others declare this entire month of March, Pi Month.

Yup! But besides this also being a relatively important date for Albert Einstein (born March 14, 1879), many around the world have turned this particular Pi Day into a celestial beginning; aiming to bear children or more controllably, getting married. For AJENE WATSON, LLC, which makes no claim of being super nerdy mathematicians or die-hard Pi fanatics, Pi day… Ultimate Pi Day that is, will play a significant role in the future of the Company. Continue reading


If sanity creeps into your passionate perseverance, don’t fret…, for you are not the fool, but of a chosen few. Rest a moment. Then go ahead, kill all sanity, and embrace your impractical drive for victory. — Ajene Watson
If sanity creeps into your passionate perseverance, don’t fret…, for you are not the fool, but of a chosen few. Rest a moment. Then go ahead, kill all sanity, and embrace your impractical drive for victory. — Ajene Watson

I awakened this morning realizing that I was angry… sickened in fact. For a good many reasons. But what really put me in a funk, was the thought of going to the place I love most, and having to watch my team (clients, staff, and associates) struggle to fight an uphill battle against an elusive adversary.

The microcap markets.

Land of opportunity is what it was meant to be.

However, for the small developing business owner looking to raise capital in order to continue their quest of building a business, they encounter nothing more than a wasteland atop of a minefield. A graveyard… company after company, unceremoniously laid to waste by a system that is simply not conducive to Continue reading